Your Voice Matters: The Future of the GMA

Your Voice MattersIf the future of the Growth Management Act (GMA) matters to you, this is an important process.

Click here to take a short survey from the Ruckelshaus Center and provide your insight and opinions about the Growth Management Act.

CWHBA has been participating in stakeholder meetings with the Ruckelshaus Center where those groups invited discuss the Growth Management Act and other issues. Thus far, CWHBA has participated in meetings in Yakima and Kittitas counties, and will participate in 3 others before the end of the year.

In a July 6 article about the Yakima meeting it was mentioned that CWHBA members would be provided a link by which they can offer feedback about the future of the GMA. Well, here it is:  Simply click the link and take the survey.

This survey is part of the overall GMA research project.  The full project timeline, illustrated below, culminates with a report and possible recommendations to the legislature in June 2019.

Research Project Timeline for the Ruckelshaus Center’s “A Road Map to Washington’s Future” GMA Project

If you want to learn more about the meetings or the process in general, please refer back to the July 6 article. For information directly from the Ruckelshaus Center about the overall project and how it came to be, click here.

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