“Open Mic” With NAHB’s Alexis Moch – Federal Issues

July’s “Open Mic” guest was Alexis Moch, Federal Legislative Director for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Alexis and I chatted about several important topics to the industry, including lumber costs, affordable housing, water issues, labor issues, and more.  Watch the “Open Mic” discussion here:


We kicked off the conversation talking about lumber issues, including the decline of domestic production and the tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber. This is an issue that continues to have a significant impact on housing prices.

We then talked about one of our region’s favorite issues – WATER. Specifically, Alexis shared an update on WOTUS and Flood Programs. After we dove into the water topic we then transitioned to a discussion on labor issues, including the need for training programs and seasonal worker issues.

The conversation ended with a bit of commentary on the political climate in DC, as well as a prediction on the November elections for the House of Representatives (you’ll need to watch to hear the prediction).

Click here to learn more from NAHB about federal advocacy issues.

Alexis Moch, NAHB’s Federal Legislative Director

“Open Mic” is hosted by CWHBA Government Affairs Director Michael Howe and is a LIVE Members Only video program that is later shared publicly. Find prior “Open Mic” programs by clicking here to visit the CWHBA Government Affairs blog.

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