Government Affairs & Advocacy Efforts

CWHBA works closely with local governments and other organizations to enable a homebuilding process that is predictable and reasonable for members, and affordable for consumers.  It’s not just local governments either, CWHBA partners with the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) at the state level and with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) at the national level.Our efforts are MEMBER DRIVEN – if the issue is important to the membership, it is important to CWHBA.

Whether it’s local, state, or national, the CWHBA’s goals are the same. 

Regulations and Public Policy are Favorable:

    • To Home Ownership
    • To a Sustainable Supply of Building Properties
    • To a Diversified Local Employment Base
    • To Efficiency and Effectiveness in Government Provided Services
    • Our Members are Informed
    • About industry related issues & those who impact public policy and regulations.

CWHBA also has a Political Action Committee called the Affordable Housing Council of the Central Washington Home Builders (AHCCW) that works to elect pro-business and pro-housing officials.


GAC committee meetings are scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of every month, unless otherwise noted. 


Local Level


As the political action committee (PAC) of CWHBA, the AHCCW works tirelessly to increase influence on public policy by engaging with candidates for elected office and protecting housing attainability for our communities through reasonable standards and pro-growth planning.

State Level

BIAW’s experienced staff and well-respected team of lobbyists work on behalf of members to pass pro-housing and pro-business legislation while defeating regulations that harm the industry and drive up housing costs.

National Level

NAHB monitors a broad range of federal issues that affect home builders, remodelers, developers, product manufacturers, and home building industry service providers.

Legislative Districts
Congressional Districts
Elected Officials
Territory (Sq. Miles)
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