The Affordable Housing Council of Central Washington (AHCCW) has announced its early endorsements for the August 4th primary. Each candidate chosen has a strong history of supporting builders in their communities and deserve your consideration. They are:

North Central Region

  • DAN NEWHOUSE (R) 4th Congressional District
  • JACQUELIN MAYCUMBER (R) 7th District Rep.
  • JOEL KRETZ (R) 7th District Rep. Pos. 2
  • KEITH GOEHNER (R) 12th District Rep. Pos. 1
  • MIKE STEELE (R) 12th District Rep. Pos. 2
  • BRAD HAWKINS (R) 12th District Senator
  • DAN SUTTON (R) Douglas County Commissioner
  • KYLE STEINBURG (R) Douglas County Commissioner
  • KEVIN OVERBAY (R) Chelan County Commissioner

Kittitas Region

  • DAN NEWHOUSE (R) 4th Congressional District
  • TOM DENT (R) 13th District Rep. Pos. 1
  • ALEX YBARRA (R) 13th District Rep. Pos. 2
  • CORY WRIGHT (R) Kittitas County Commissioner
  • JERRY MARTENS (R) Kittitas County Commissioner

Yakima/South Central Regions

  • JAMIE HERRERA BEUTLER (R) 3rd Congress. Dist.
  • DAN NEWHOUSE (R) 4th Congressional District
  • CHRIS CORRY (R) 14th District Rep. Pos. 1
  • GINA MOSBRUCKER (R) 14th District Rep. Pos. 2
  • CURTIS KING (R) 14th District Senator
  • BRUCE CHANDLER (R) 15th District Rep. Pos. 1
  • JEREMIE DUFAULT (R) 15th District Rep. Pos. 2
  • RON ANDERSON (R) Yakima County Commissioner
  • JACOB ANDERSON (R) Klickitat County Commissioner
  • JIM SIZEMORE (R) Klickitat County Commissioner

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