The Growth Management Act’s Future

CWHBA has been invited to participate in workshops throughout it’s territory as part of the process for reviewing Washington’s Growth Management Act (GMA). The workshops are designed to essentially be like a focus group where group members answer certain questions. No decision making takes place at the workshops, but the input gathered will impact what happens next.  The process is called the “Road Map to Washington’s Future.”

Why are these workshops being held across the state?

In 2015, the Washington State legislature tasked the William D. Ruckelshaus Center (Center) to design a process for a comprehensive and collaborative look at the GMA. These workshops are part of that process. Read more about the background and purpose by clicking here (pdf).

CWHBA’s Involvement

Originally only invited to participate in the Yakima workshop, CWHBA is now engaged in all 5 workshops being held in its 6-county territory. The map below shows the general time frames for the workshops.

Work shops will be held throughout the state, with 5 in the CWHBA territory.

The June 2018 Yakima Workshop

In June, CWHBA was represented by Government Affairs Director Michael Howe and President-Elect Clint Adamson at the workshop. The workshop was led by persons from the Center and there were both table and group discussions. Specific questions (click here to read the questions in pdf) were addressed during the 4-hour workshop.

Group led discussions.
Individual work – Clint Adamson considers his responses.
Small group table discussions. Clint Adamson listens and discusses issues at the table.

Interestingly, and unfortunately, it should be noted that Clint was the ONLY self-employed person in the workshop.

Who else was invited: Office of Rural Farmworker Housing, 4H, Yakima Economic Development, Small Business Development Center, Greenway Trust, Yakima-Tieton Irrigation District, Department of Ecology, Washington Tree Fruit Association, WSU Extension, Heritage University, Farm Bureau, Yakima Council of Governments, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Sierra Club, Community Health of Central Washington, and Yakima Valley Community College.

More Involvement

The Center has said it will provide a “link” to all those at the workshops that we can then share with others for input. Once CWHBA receives that link it will be shared via the Punchlist.

The End Goal

The Center will develop a report from these workshops, as well as other workshops and research efforts, to submit to the legislature by the end of June 2019. What the legislature will do with that report remains to be seen.

The GMA is certainly important to the home building industry, so this is a process and report we will continue to watch closely.

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