2022 Primary Election

The Affordable Housing Council of Central Washington Endorses the Following Candidates:

District 12
Keith Goehner, Legislative Rep. District 12 (Incumbent)
Mike Steel, Legislative Rep. District 12 (Incumbent)

District 13
Judy Warnick, Senator District 13 (Incumbent)
Tom Dent, Legislative Rep. District 13 (Incumbent)
Alex Ybarra, Legislative Rep. District 13 (Incumbent)

District 14
Chris Corry, Legislative Rep. District 14 (Incumbent)
Gina Mosbrucker, Legislative Rep. District 14 (Incumbent)

District 15
Nikki Torres, Senator District 15
Bryan Sandlin, Legislative District 15
Bruce Chandler, Legislative District 15 (Incumbent)

Yakima County

Amanda McKinney, Commissioner District 1

Kyle Curtis, Commissioner District 2

James “Jim” Curtice, Coroner

Primary Election Deadlines:

July 25
Online and mail registrations must be received 8 days before Election Day.

August 2
Primary Election. Deadline for Washington State voter registration or updates (in person only).


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