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Phase 2 Safety Planning

According to the Governor’s Phase 2 Construction Working Group Requirements, all construction, including those activities for which social distancing may not be maintained and the start of new construction projects, is authorized to resume in the counties listed below. 

Phase 2 for construction has not been implemented statewide. However, you can view here which counties are in which Phase.

Phase 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to read about some of the most frequent questions surrounding Phase 2 of the Phased Plan of Safe Start WA.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Phase 2 Jobsite Safety Plan Template

The first requirement is the Phase 2 Jobsite Safety Plan, signed by the contractor, must be developed for every jobsite. This plan must also be produced at the request of any employee or regulator. The following is a complete Jobsite Safety Plan template for you to customize for each of your jobsites:

Additional Required Jobsite Documents

Under the Phase 2 Jobsite Safety Requirements, you are required to fill out this document on every jobsite where there are moderate and high risk task levels.

Required Jobsite Postings

Under the Phase 2 Jobsite Safety Requirements, you are required to post on each jobsite, publicly viewable at all times, the following documents.

Jobsite Training

Every employee must receive an initial COVID 19-specific Training Session. In addition, weekly COVID-19 safety talks are required under Phase 2. Below is a sample for the initial training session and log-in sheet to kick off your return to work:

Additional Phase 2 Resources

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