🛠️🏗️ Western Materials Vendor Showcase!


🌟 📅 Date: June 7th

🕙 Time: 10AM – 2PM

🍽️ Free Lunch: 11AM – 1PM

🏢 Location: Western Materials 1202 S. 1st Street, Yakima, WA


Join us for an exciting showcase where Western Materials brings your customers’ visions to life with just a click of a mouse!


💻 🤝 Meet Face-to-Face with suppliers from all product lines including:

🌲 Lumber

🧱 Drywall

🪨 Stone

🏠 Stucco

🔲 Siding

🛠️ Tools

🔨 Decking

🚧 Railing

🌳 Engineered Wood

…and many more!


🎁 Don’t Miss Out on Free Giveaways! 🎉


Come explore the possibilities and let us help you supply your customers’ dreams! See you there!

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