Call for nominations - Due Sept 15

Serving as a member of the governing board of one’s trade association is a great honor and a high privilege. Please submit the name of a current CWHBA member (yes, that can be you too!) that has great leadership potential to help determine the very future of your association and industry. Members who accept their nomination will be presented on a ballot to be voted upon electronically by the general membership in October. Those who receive the most votes will be placed into the director positions and installed at the dinner/awards meeting in December.


CWHBA Board of Directors distributes representation on the board of directors through its three major regions (Yakima/Klickitat, Kittitas, and North Central) and across member types (Builders and Associates).

Builder Directors – Any individual, firm, or corporation who is or has been in the business of building or rebuilding homes, apartments, schools, or commercial, industrial, or other structures normally related and appurtenant to a community or inland development; and who subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the Association and is of good character and business reputation.

Associate Directors – Any individual, firm, or corporation who is or has been engaged in a trade, industry, or profession related to construction and not inconsistent with the objectives of the Association, who subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the Association, and is of good character and business reputation.

Open Board Positions for 2023

  • Builder Members (Yakima, Kittitas, North Central)
  • Associate Members (Yakima, North Central)


2022 Board of Directors

The Board consists of Builders (B) and Associate (A) members.

Tim Lovelass (B) *

Timothy Lovelass, LLC

Ryan Moore (A) *
HUB International

Darin Peters (B)
President Elect

Celebration Homes

Dereck Nelson (B) *
Past President
DH Construction & Assoc., LLC

Nicole Ahola (A)

Ahola Benefit Consultants 

Aaron Wilson (A)

Bulldog Electric

Roger Walters (A) *
BIAW Director Rep

Builders First Source Wenatchee


Bobby Graham (B)
NAHB Director Rep
NW Roots Construction 

Jared Jones (B) *

Copper Hills Construction 

Brice Baxter (B) *

Baxter Construction 

Melissa Brewer (A) 

MB Designs 

Eddie Diaz (B) *

Diaz Brothers Construction

Drew Harvill (A) 

Intermountain West Insulation

Vacant (B) 

Kittitas Region

Vacant (B) 

North Central Region

Vacant (B) 

North Central Region

*Term expires end of 2022. 

Past Presidents

2021 Tim Lovelass

2020 Clint Adamson

2019 Clint Adamson

2018 Dereck Nelson

2017 Dereck Nelson

2016 Dale Turner

2015 Kelly Coons

2014 Kelly Coons

2013 Bradley Meyer

2012 Keegan Harris

2011 Steve Senger

2010 Justin Wolff

2009 Matt Willard

2008 Matt Willard

2007 Kevin Patrick

2006 Jerry Martens

2005 Mitch Williams

2004 Craig Rath

2003 Jim Thomas

2002 Joe Walsh

2001 Joe Walsh

2000 Mike Elliott

1999 Jan Dell

1998 Brad Hendrix

1997 Dick Huber

1996 Eric Clark

1995 Allan Gohl

1994 Greg Stevenson

1993 Lou Alderman

1992 John Corning

1991 Peter Dell

1990 Jerry Sturgill

1989 Dennis Kelly

1988 Derek Kelly

1987 Lou Alderman

1986 Larry Thacker

1985 Bruce Carpenter

1984 Lew Miller

1983 Craig Shultz

1982 Mark Strosahl

1981 Vince Vaughn

1980 Frank Claughton

1979 Dale Nunley

1978 Dale Nunley

1977 Pete Samuelson

1976 Clarence Corbin

1975 R. A. Waldbauer

1974 R. A. Waldbauer

1973 Fred Hammerstad

1972 Fred Hammerstad

1971 Homer Rushmore

1970 R. A. Waldbauer

1969 R. A. Waldbauer

1968 Homer Rushmore

1967 Homer Rushmore

1966 Thomas Hughes, Jr.

1965 Marvin Evans

1964 Dwight Drumwright

1963 Lloyd Hammerstad

1962 Lloyd Hammerstad

1961 Kenneth Matson

1960 Leland Campbell

1959 Robert Wallingford

1958 Paul Cook

1957 Lloyd Hammerstad

1956 Lloyd Hammerstad


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